Perhaps, your enterprise could use a unified system solution.

Folks  have  asked  why  we  have a sailboat   on   a  website   directed  toward computer  solutions.  It's  quite  simple.  A sailboat  is  an efficient, unified solution to traveling  on  water.  Each  system  on the boat   works   in   conjunction  with  every other  to  produce  the  desired  result. Our goal   is  to   create  systems  which   work together  in  the  same holistic  manner.


The Software Contractor's Guild


                                    We Are 

                   Unified System Solutions, Ltd.

From a simple web page, to complex web applications and web services, we are a team of dedicated professionals who deliver unified solutions. We will not deliver a kludge. Through clear communications, comprehensive analysis and premier project management, we deliver on time every time; within the required parameters and specifications. By implementing the best technologies the market has to offer, our clients are assured of systems which will retain their usability, under low maintenance conditions, for years to come. By maintaining communication with our clients, once the solution is delivered, we continue to plan and design the next phase in the evolution of solutions we provide.

We know that the nature of business is change; we acknowledge it and prepare accordingly.

Our clients spend less time running the business and more time sailing the boat.

P.O. Box 33297 - North Royalton, Ohio - 44133-0297

Walter Holliday


        Our Services include: system analysis, design and implementation

                                    using the following technologies:

      MS Project, UML,,, Java Script, VB Script, HTML, XML,       Soap, SQL Server 2000, Dreamwaaver MX,